In financial markets, higher returns are associated with higher risk or volatility. Now more than ever, there is no such thing as a risk-free product. Instead, look for diversification and appropriate investment to enhance your financial security and get the best return consistent with the risk level you are comfortable with. A Financial Broker will help you navigate the complex minefield of investments to ensure you get an investment appropriate to your needs.

Invest in knowledge and advice and get the best interest

The process starts with finding out about you and your investment goals: how long you want to invest for, what is the money required for, have you provided for short / medium / long term financial needs, etc.

Your capacity to withstand risk is then evaluated. The evaluation takes into account your income, expenses, assets and liabilities, and your flexibility. There is also an evaluation of your own risk preference, which can be done in discussion with your Financial Broker or through the use of psychometric tools. Psychometric tools are short questionnaires which seek to give a more scientific basis for assessing your risk.

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Risk Is Significantly Greater Without Expert Advice